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Tuesday, June 17, 2003
going to south jersey

I met an alien on NJ Transit this past weekend.


Besides making fun of the wanna-be fashionistas behind us, we entertained ourselves by taking silly pictures on the way back to NYC.


Friday, June 13, 2003
south street seaport museum

Earlier this week I took a guided tour (sponsored by my office) of the museum, which will officially open to the public in October. It's still under construction, but it's going to be beautiful when it's finished.



I'm not exactly a maritime history buff or anything, but once the exhibits are completed, I think the museum will be worth the trip regardless. This museum is actually a historic site, unlike a place like Williamsburg VA which is, as our tour guide called it, essentially a 'fake.' The building housing the museum is nearly 200 years old, having served as a factory and office space for an importing company, a burlap factory, and a hotel. Inside you can still find some of the old gears used to lift heavy objects to the upper floors.


This building was actually important in the history of NYC- it's not just a mock up, or some random building housing historical artifacts. Most things that will be exhibited in the museum were actually used there. Like this gigantic cage, which was used to tumble-dry burlap bags.


I thought it was cool to see 150 year-old graffiti


and wallpaper as well.


Also, my little Internet radio interview is up. Just scroll down to the 6/10 show to check it out. (Real Player required.) I was insanely nervous, even though the show probably has about a dozen listeners, but I hope that isn't too apparent. I also had some technical difficulties, as my cell phone decided to lose service during the interview. At one point the guy asked me a question, and all he got in response is a dial tone. But I was up first on the show, and they did get me back right away, so go check it out.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Pictures of webloggers partying

My birthday, part 2. Who knew you could pack so many webloggers into one tiny apartment? Somehow, Jenny, Jeremiah, Tom, and Jay (as well as Janet) all managed to fit.


Curt was quite excited about finally meeting all my NY buddies.


What a hottie, right? Haha.

And finally... the infamous twister pictures. Bryan was nice enough to give me a few of the shots he took of me and Jeremiah battling it out in the second game.



Sadly I lost after I moved the wrong hand, I think. Jeremiah also kept kneeing me in the back to try to make me fall down, but I managed to hold myself up. (Just kidding.)

Unfortunately I didn't get any sexy pictures of Jenny F. or Rachel, but you can check Bryan's latest photo post for a couple of them.


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